This is what we are doing with the iPods.

April 13, 2009,
I feel that it would be a good experience to be able to get used to the some of the world's greatest technology, but I think that we still need to use them for educational reasons. I think that it would also be fun to teach my dad and mom how to use it.
I get a iPod Touch on:
Wednesday and Thursday and I am #8.

Rules about taking the iPod Touches home:
  1. Keep the iPod Touches safe from little sisters and brothers.
  2. Keep it in the bag until you get home.
  3. Keep all accessories in the bag when you are not using them.
  4. Bring all cords and accessories back in the bag.
  5. Make sure the iPod Touches is fully charged when you return it for the next user.
  6. You may not hook the iPod Touches up to your home computer or download games.
  7. If you go to afterschool, make sure the iPod bag is in your backpack.
  8. Share the iPod Touches safely.
  9. The iPod Touches should only be in school, in your house or car, or on the bus.
  10. Keep food and drink away from the iPod Touches
Week of April 13 to April 17
  • Play MetaSquares at least 5 times
  • Keep track of who wins on level 1
  • Write on your wiki about the difficulty of the game
  • When would you use this skill in real life
  • Choose 2 other games to review on your wiki
  • If you don't do the wiki when you bring the iPod back, you don't take the iPod the next week.

You can take a screen shot by pressing the power button and the home button at the same time.

I lost once times and won three times in Metasquares. I think the lesson here is that critical thinking is the best kind of thinking and thinking ahead is a good strategy.

In Tap Tap Revenge I played Sololuna and got an accuracy rating of 82%.

In Action Free Bowling I got a score of 100. That game is HARD!

In Metasquares I lost one and won two. My best score was 236.

In Book Worm I was ranked a Encyclopedia Salesman. My best word was tow and my longest word was rose.

In Arcade Bowling I got a score of 260.

In Metasquares I lost zero times and won four times.

In Touch Hockey I lost four times and won zero times.

In football I beat the computer 33 zip.

In Metasquares I won two games and lost two games.

In Textropolis I got a world population of 1,160.

In touch hockey I won three games and lost one.

In Metasquares I lost one and won three.

Playing Textropolis I got a score of 1,280.

In Tap Tap I played Switchback and got a score of 54,980.

I researched Helen Keller and have went to various websites.

I like BB Multiply best because it makes sure that you try go for right answers rather than speed and it tells you your average time per card and your average of cards you got right.

I played Hangmath, this game was my second favorite because you, can choose difficulty, algebra, multiplucation, division, adding, subtracting, of all of them.

I played Times Tables, and I did not care for this game so much because it only gives you multiplucation.

I played Tap Tap Two and played Tap Domination. That song is ridiculisly hard!

I played Awesome Ball and I like it because you get to customize everything.