Hi, Ms. Zaba and Ms. Hengen! My name is Sebastian. I am nine years old and I like sports. My Favorite sports are baseball, football and skateboarding.

Hi Sebastian! My name is Dionne Hengen and I am 21 years old. I also love sports! What is your favorite sports team for baseball and football? I have never skateboarded before but love snow boarding. Do you snow board?

I can snowboard, but we have not gotten enough snow to snowboard. My favorite team for football is the Packers and my favorite team for baseball is the Pirates. Who is your favorite team?

I will take some pictures of the ski slopes when I go snowboarding this weekend in Assissippi, Manitoba. - google it if you have time and you can see where I'll be! My favorite football team of course if Saskatchewan Rough Riders (wooooo!). We won the grey cup last year!
I double dog dare you to look up a little bit about Kipling, Saskatchewan (my home town) at http://www.townofkipling.ca/siteengine/activepage.asp?bhcp=1. We have the largest paperclip in the whole entire world! Good luck!

I would like to see some pictures of that paperclip. does it weigh over 3,000 pounds?

Hmmm... how heavy is the paperclip??
I just searched google and found exactly what we are looking for! Check out the http://oneredpaperclip.blogspot.com/ - it will tell you how Kipling got that world's largest paperclip! Then if you click on http://oneredpaperclip.blogspot.com/2007/07/worlds-largest-red-paperclip_13.html you will find more information on how heavy the paper clip is!
Some information I found for you is...
15 feet, 2 inches long
39 inches wide
Is constructed of 5 inch diameter solid steel
Weighs just shy of 4000 pounds
And holds paper!
So there ya go - it is 4000 POUNDS!!
Here is a picture for you below:
The guy jumping up in the air is the man who started this whole paperclip thing - his name is Kyle MacDonald. The RCMP (Police Man) is actually from my home town and has a little girl that I taught in a summer program - cool huh??
Let me know what you think of this! :)

pretty cool!


Hi Everyone!
Hope you had an amazing weekend and are ready for another great week. How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting? Some great news here is that we actually got up to +4 degrees celcius!! WAHOO! Very wet outside but I am happy that spring is finally here!

how is it going in Canada? We have gotten our last snow of the year. how about U?

Canada is alright - beautiful out, that's for sure! I hope that we have gotten the last snow fall of the year but you can never really tell. I went home to my farm this past week and my dad already has 4 new calves! Cool hey?

I went to the Monster Jam with jed. it is where U watch HUGE trucks crush cars and drive off ramps. 'heard of it?

O my goodness, my fiance used to be into that kind of stuff when he was a little kid! That is crazy stuff!

doing anything fun???????

Not really.... I have to do homework all week! My family is coming up on the weekend so that is cool!

Well friends I am off - have to get going to school now! We are 2 hours behind you so it is 7:10 a.m. here. Hope you enjoyed there. I have been checking out your pages and wrote some comments - I will write more this week. Please be patient with me, it's a very busy time right now with school :)
Have a great week and talk to you soon!