Ok. So there is all this hype about this year's Super Bowl. So I'm going to help catch you up on what the standings are. In the AFC, the Jets and the Colts played. The prediction was that the Colts were going to win... there was an upset. The Jets won. Now the Jets have to play the Steelers. The prediction is that the Steelers will win. I'm hoping for another upset. Now on the other side of the bracket, the Ravens and the Chiefs need to play. The talk is that the Ravens will win. I'm hoping for another upset! Then the Chiefs and the Patriots will play, and the Patriots are predicted to win. But ya know me, hoping for an upset. Then the Jets and the Patriots would play for the Super Bowl, and the Patriots are predicted to go to the Super Bowl. But, well, ya know who I want to go! Now the NFC. The Packers are playing the Eagles today, and the Packers are predicted to win. Nothing wrong with that! Then the Packers would play the Falcons, and they are predicted to win again! But that's fine by me! Now on the other side of the bracket, the Saints and the Seahawks played, and the Seahawks won, defying the prediction that the Saints would win. Then the Seahawks and the Bears need to play, and the Bears are predicted to come out on top. In my opinion, thats a great call. Then the Bears and the Packers would play for the spot at the Super Bowl, with the Packers winning, therefor going the the Super Bowl to play the Patriots. But if I could choose, I would want the Jets to go all the way, but then get crushed to dust by Green Bay in the Super Bowl. Who do you want to come out on top?

Out of these teams listed below, who do you want to win the Super Bowl?
Packers Abby Go aaron rogers:) go pack